Intensive care unit
A place for the weakest and sickest
The nominal cost is extraordinary
The physical cost for many is their life
The sequelae tangible and far reaching

I see you
This walk of life is rupestrine
Our actions and reactions, while motives mostly noble, take on an internecine nature
The spiritual cost is questioned, dismissed, judged, feared
Our relations with one another compromised
We all fail and attempt to fix or repay
We establish arbitrary lines of morality in vain attempts to justify our actions
Self righteousness our payment, can’t cover the cost
Can’t cover the damages

I Christ You
Allows us to reconcile
With each other, Him and our own selves
Allows us to heal
Allows us to be whole
The cost was His life
The price is paid


Seeing the truth

Esse quam videri, to be rather than to seem. Even as a fifth grader, when I first learned of my states motto it came across as profound and simplistic. I decided then it would be something I wanted to live up to and I still do. You see, to be is truth. Why? Because it’s ever present. And truth is ever present.


I rest in knowing that what really matters never changes. This knowledge brings peace and shuns anxiety. It allows me to take you as you are and love you with reckless abandon. It is Love. It is Living. You can’t separate the two.


So join me in letting go. Letting go of the notion that it’s all up to you. Letting go of the lie that many have devised clever and well thought out ways to “make” themselves true. All they have to do is Be and receive. All they have to do is esse quam videri.


As the Omnipresent One stated, I am that I am.