Day 14 – How-tos


1 Thessalonians 5:18King James Version (KJV)

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Hello Beloved,

Yesterday, we touched on replacing complaints with gratitude and the beneficial side effects.

Today, is more practical.

How to show gratitude may be common sense for some. I’m posting pointers for the rest of us. There’s no need to try to incorporate all into your lifestyle. Pick a few or maybe just one and make it a part of you. I have a journal and while it’s an effective tool, I need to be more cognizant during the day and not just my once daily logging.

1. Gratitude Journal – I enter a list of things while others write a narrative. Whatever your fancy, just get started. Many will say keep it in one place (apps are good for that). However, the act of writing has benefit. Plus, it can be a treat to come across a gratitude note while cleaning the junk drawer. That’s what someone told me anyway. Be flexible with yourself. It’s gratitude journaling after all!

2. Proactive gratitude  – This reminds me of when I was a little girl and would say my prayers at night. You know “now I lay me down to sleep.” When I was done reciting that morbid prayer about dying before I woke, I would pray for all the people and things I was grateful for. So basically, do that without the death part.

3. Reactive gratitude – This falls under the “Boy am I glad that didn’t happen to me” category.

4. Prayer. (That’s a period after prayer).

5. Remember The Bad – We have all had bad times and some residue from those moments may linger or still hurt like ____. But, you’re still here. You made it this far.

6. Set a gratitude alarm/gratitude jar- I have alarms and reminders for everything else so why not for this? When the alarm goes off take a moment to think of things you’re thankful for and if you have a piece of paper handy, write it down. You can then place it in a jar.

7. Sensory Appreciation – I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy the golden hour of chaos in my home. It’s the time after school when the house is full of life and activity. This child needs to go to dance and that one needs to go to soccer and hubby has a late meeting and I will not miss hot yoga again. Sometimes, I actually remember to take a moment and appreciate all that I’m blessed with and will never deserve. I’ll take in the smells, colors, sound of laughter, and grab a child for a hug. It’s simply delicious!

Below is a gratitude quiz. Feel free to take it or not. Either way, I’m thankful you visited my blog today.

Be well, Beloved!


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