Day 17 – Unrealistic expectations: The complaint generator


Psalm 131:2 English Standard Version (ESV)

But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
    like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child is my soul within me.

It all started with a Pinterest search. The youngest was turning 5 and wanted a ninja themed party. No, not the teenage mutant kind – the real mercenaries. If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, basically it’s a search engine of how-to’s and idea mining. Once you find a site you like, you can pin it for future reference.

Let the pinning commence!

As you can guess, I found what I was looking for and then some. I found my muse. Never mind, the photos were from a party planned by a professional.

Never mind, the supplies cost way more than I planned to spend.

Never mind, I started planning too late to have supplies delivered on time.

My baby wanted a Ninja themed party, he’s turning FIVE, and the other kids in his class (and their mothers) need to bow down to my party-throwing prowess! I had a special cake made, hit the local party shop hard, and used my imagination to fill gaps where the decorations fell short (ninja headbands, personalized items, etc.). The location of the party included decorations and paper products with the package but I dismissed that. It would spoil my vision. It didn’t meet my expectations.

Well, the party happened…

Some of what I expected happened and some didn’t.

When my oldest child couldn’t come because she was sick, I was disappointed.

When I rechecked the RSVP list to see only one child’s name, I was disappointed.

When we arrived at the party location, the partition I was planning to use as a backdrop for decorations was in storage, I was disappointed.

There are more but I’ll stop there.

I wanted to complain.

The birthday boy was excited the entire day. Nothing present or absent dampened his spirit. After the party, he exclaimed, “My favorite part was all of it!”

Let’s face it; a lot of unrealistic expectations come from comparing. Whether it be keeping up with the Joneses or an inflexible vision (especially those generated from social media). We don’t want to deal with the unexpected, so we plan things out. The problem is the unexpected always happens leaving room for complaints.

Let’s be free of unrealistic expectations.

Let’s live in the moment by taking things as they come.

Let’s be free from this complaint generator.

Let’s be well.

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