Day 21 – We made it!



Matthew 5:16 English Standard Version (ESV) In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that[a] they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.


It’s day 21 and we’ve made it to the end. I pondered and prayed over what to write about. All I want to do is celebrate with you. As usual custom, we’ll celebrate by looking at how far we’ve come – a recap. 

Day 1 – Rules were laid out and the challenge began.

Day 2- The challenge proved to be formidable and helpful pointers were shared.

Day 3- Focus shifted from not complaining to more positive thinking. The challenge was also renamed “The Butterfly Effect.”

Day 4 – Opportunities to be grateful get eclipsed by complaining. 

Day 5 – The only way we make it through this or any other challenge is to have the faith to trust God during the process. He and He alone is the agent of change. All we have to do is cast our cares.

Day 6 – This was one of the most helpful days for me being a natural critique/analyzer. Having knack for seeing what’s out of place is a gift that can be abused and lead to a negative complaining lifestyle. The question: “What could I/you do that would make a difference that requires no one’s permission other than my/your own?” helps curtail that.

Day 7 – We complain when we think we know the answer or a better way. It closes us off other points of view thereby stunting our growth.

Day 8 –  Grace needs to be extended to others and ourselves.

Day 9 – Acceptance quells complaints.

Day 10 – Some of our complaining stems from taking on too many tasks.

Day 11 – When everyone’s roles and talents are respected, we allow each other to flourish in our uniqueness instead of complain about oddities. 

Day 12- Complaining negatively affects our health.

Day 13 – Gratefulness positively affect our health.

Day 14 – How-tos for gratefulness.

Day 15 – Confronting issues without complaining or attacking people.

Day 16 – How to use reconciliation as the goal to confront someone.

Day 17 – Complaints can be avoided by not setting unrealistic expectations.

Day 18 – If we’re going to complain, take it to God in prayer. Seek Him and his answer in the word.

Day 19 – Colloquialisms and scriptures placed on pictures were used to inspire or amuse.

Day 20 – Life has difficult moments. We can look to biblical examples of how to deal and take control of situations influence by setting an ” I’m not going to focus on this any longer” quit date. 

Day 21 – Celebration and recap!

Be well, Beloved!

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