Day 4 – Decluttering


I want that
I want that too
What is that you have?
Let me try it
I’m saving mine for later
I think I like yours better
Mine is okay
I’ll really liked it at first
But now…
Wow! Yours is REALLY GOOD!
No, I’m not hungry
But I don’t want to be hungry later
You know a bird in the hand …
I wonder what I’ll have tomorrow
There’s so much in my fridge and garage freezers
Half of the stuff I need to throw away
It’s been in there too long
No, it’s still good, I’m really just tired of it

Plus, I need to make room for new stuff

By the way
Did you hear about Larry losing his inheritance?
It’s a shame
His parents worked so hard to leave him the old soda shop
I loved going there as a child
Well, I saw him the other day
He looked so pitiful
I avoided him so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing
He and Frank used to be good friends
I didn’t want to run the risk of talking about how well our business is doing
Well, would you look at that
We finished all of yours and some of mine
Whew, I think I have a stomach ache

  • Me

I am hot
I have fought
My tummy is a knot

Am I thirsty?
Am I hungry?
Or am I just grumpy?

My tummy feels funny
And my nose is runny

I ache in all places
And can’t even walk two paces

My throat is soar
And my mouth is dry
I can’t sing even if I try

Mommy gave me Benadryl
Which makes me hazy
But my tummy still felt crazy

Until I get sleepy and out like a light
My tummy ache left after I said goodnight

  • Ivey

My daughter Ivey and I wrote these poems using the prompt Stomachache. Both touch on the effect of affluence. Recent days decluttering her room remind me of writing them. I couldn’t help but notice all this stuff! Some of it unused! Gasp! 

Half of the stuff I need to throw away
It’s been in there too long
No, it’s still good, I’m really just tired of it

Her well-appointed room serves as a microcosm of our culture right down to the two twin beds for one child. (It just looks so good in the Pottery Barn Kids’ catalogs!) We strive to have the latest, while what we have still does the job. How much do we own that we neither need nor enjoy? Affluence, the taskmaster, has the ability to stifle and disorient. 

Richard Foster calls this psychotic and I’m apt to agree. The psychosis lies in the fact that this lust separates us from what’s real.

Am I thirsty?
Am I hungry?
Or am I just grumpy?

In his article “The Discipline of Simplicity,”Foster further surmises “this psychosis permeates our mythology. The modern hero is [one] who purposefully becomes rich rather than [one] who voluntarily becomes poor. Covetousness we call ambition. Hoarding we call prudence. Greed we call industry.” Believers are then lead on a duplicitous path. 

Matthew 6:24 New Living Translation (NLT)

“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money.

Duplicity convinces us to think we are the car we drive, the neighborhood we reside, our educational level, our accomplishments, where we were born, who we were born to, failures, or financial acquisitions.

Simplicity teaches that those in Christ are a new creation, a royal priesthood, his workmanship, not condemned, an overcomer, a fruit bearer, transformed, His friend.

Be well, Beloved!

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