Day 5 – FOMO “That’s so 2016!”


“You can’t kill fashion!” Zoolander

“Fashion has already killed itself.” Mugatu

(Zoolander 2 movie)


It died! It just up and died! I can’t believe it. It had all my contacts in it and my grocery list! My latest book’s notes! Did I back them up on the cloud?

I’m at a loss but have faith the geniuses will fix it. Unfortunately, diagnostic testing shot blanks on both my screen and their faces. The Golden Delicious is now an Arkansas Black. What is going on? This has never happened before. Historically, our mutual possession always ends with a choreographed handoff.

1,2,3 make sure everything is backed up to the cloud

4,5,6 walk into electronic store

1,2,3 go straight to counter with exact make and color in mind

4,5,6 peruse cases for new companion while clerk gets ALL the paperwork sorted

1,2,3 make purchases

4,5,6 donate old companion with feeling of accomplishment

But today, I was robbed of this. I was robbed of planned obsolescence. And while planned obsolescence is a noun it definitely provokes action. Action fueled by fear. Action fueled by FOMO:

Fear Of Missing Out

Fear Of Mythical Obsolescence

Fear Of Me-tooism Obviation

Fear Of Muted Overweening

Fear Of Milquetoast Ossification

Please don’t misunderstand, it’s fine to have things. So many live in lack and that’s not God’s will. Detriment occurs when things have us. Planned obsolescence can breed a love of wealth, covetousness and self-reliance/selfishness while insidiously fostering oppression.

What percentage of our things do we let totally wear out before replacing them? Is it the exception or the rule? I know we touched on this yesterday but let’s tease it out a little more. Visiting a friend, I noticed his microwave has dials. It works just fine. Actually, it works very well. And no offense if you have one of these. But why do refrigerators need French doors? The house we moved into has one. If you have a regular side by side that’s functional, keep it. We can’t have one door open and get ice out of the other door at the same time. First world problem for sure but I hope the point is made.

It makes me wonder “How much?”

How much could we have in savings?

How much could we support causes important to us?

How much less would we say “they need to do…?

How much more freedom?

How much would our faith grow?

How much more peace would we have?

How much could we bless others?

How much of a stranger’s tuition could we pay?

How much simpler would our lives be?


Be well, Beloved!










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