About me


Up until the winter of 2014, I thought I hated writing and that I was no good at it. As far back as second grade, I remember cringing when teachers gave creative writing assignments. Mrs. Bennett would tell us to write a page about a topic and I would be able to fill half a page with words and the other half with a drawing. My drawings were usually butterflies with a vine border peppered with flowers. I would include a huge THE END to take up a few lines but I made sure it wasn’t too large out of fear of it taking up more lines than the actual writing.

Fast forward to 2011 where I was pregnant with my third child and working as a private practice physician performing house calls. My specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiatry. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in the majority but take some time and look it up. In short, we focus on quality of life so our field is rather large- spinal cord injury, brain injury, spasticity management, chronic pain management, sports medicine, debility, multiple sclerosis, wound care, etc. While I enjoy working with brain injury and debility patients, wound care is my passion. It is this passion that has lead me to uncover a parallel between how we physiologically heal to how we emotionally and psychologically heal.

In acquiring this knowledge, I felt the urge to write a book about it. With trepidation, I took notes and more notes and more notes. I am published in medical literature on research I performed, and while that was difficult, there’s a pretty set recipe – intro, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion. Writing a book is an amorphous task. At least a first book for a non-writer who has inattentive ADHD. Yes, I’m talking about me.

I sought the aid of a ghostwriter. This did not go or end well, so I kept taking notes. This is all happening during moves, the birth of our son, taking on a new job, etc. You know, life in general. Fortunately, while life was happening, I came across a writing class in the fall of 2014. It didn’t exactly fit into the schedule but with help from hubby along with God’s guidance and grace, I signed up AND went to class. There were just enough sessions, just enough participants, and just enough perspectives to show me that I CAN WRITE and write well. Also, one of the participants proudly stated she drew pictures within her writings. The second grade me was immediately healed of that “shortcoming”. The pieces of literature I wrote and continue to write are fueled by a desire to reveal and heal.

The part about wound care I like the most is guiding a patient through the process of wound healing – he/she must be an active participant. At the point of healing, the joy the patient experiences, the relief they feel, an increase in their faith, and a reminder of the privileged position I hold, never gets old.

So Beloved, in reading my blogs, my hope is that it helps you on your journey of being healed and whole.