Too often I get weary in this life fight or find myself in a messy situation that started with good intentions and apostasy looms. These are times when I need a renascent stirring. Today’s post is a piece I wrote to look back on when at a crossroads.  If you don’t have a refocus tool feel free to use this one.

IMG_1142 (1)

Because it’s the right thing to do

Because now it’s the right time to do it

Because the innocents have paid more than enough

Because He sent me

Because the raping has to STOP

Because I can

Because they did it to me

Because I have the strength and grace to endure to the end

Because I ain’t skur’d

Because there is no way I can lose

Because I can’t wait any longer

Because of my family

Because silence has an expiration date

Because it no longer binds me and I am free

Because I choose love over fear


What are your reasons?