img_1954I along with many have suffered significant loss in this highly eristic year. So, I write this afflatus poem using two of my “go to” scriptures: Matthew 5:4 New International Version (NIV) Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted and Psalm 30:5 (NIV) Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Please be sure to click on the hyperlinked words/phrases and be well, Beloved.

Blessed are they that mourn
Lost loved ones to the Light
Black and Blue lives forlorn
> 2,000,000 voters silenced by right
Friend and Family relations worn
“Unfriending” at all new height
Refugees from their homeland torn
Tolerance treated as blight
Pipeline worries during Thanksgiving shorn
Biggest addictions are pride and fright
Social justice sounds the horn
While glass cliffs and ceilings sit tight
Don’t worry about the scorn
Though weeping may endure for a night
Joy comes in the morn
We shall be comforted keeping Him in sight

Playing with Power

Cold scaly skin slithering through the grass
Out to borrow warmth and consume prey
A woman is in the distance
Free and unaware
Her liberty is powerful
The snake is also a beautiful creation
Just as beautiful as she
She should have to work for her provisions too
She should come to know her truth and my truth
And her limitations
It’s not fair if she doesn’t
She’s too powerful if she doesn’t
She must be reigned in
She must be controlled
Then I can have a chance of ruling
My way is better anyway
Does my insatiable self righteousness starve both you and me?
Come let us prey