About This Blog

This blog is one of the few places I show vulnerability. And yes, I know how that reads, but writing allows me to organize my thoughts, feelings, fears, hidden motives, and place them on paper. Plus, feigning honesty is to absquatulate truth, love and purpose, and I see vulnerability as truth. Unfortunately, we are so guarded against showing our vulnerabilities that we lie to ourselves and others. By doing so, we attenuate our contributions/giftings and diminish others. However, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, solutions become obvious and our relationships benefit. Hopefully, this blog motivates you to be so inclined to document and share yourself. Feel free to share here. That being said, make sure your comments are well thought out and motivated by positivity, grace and love. There is someone on the other end. Someone who is exposed. Someone who wrote, edited, rewrote, quit, edited again, second guessed, and then posted. And someone who knows positivity directed outwardly is indicative of inward positivity. The first step towards being healed and whole.